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Timeless Values

New technologies come and go, changing and improving our lives along the way. While the usefulness of these technologies is finite, it is the cast off relics left behind that often come to symbolize the timeless ideals of a by-gone-era.

Surety Guarantees

Surety guarantees date back as far as the Old Testament, where one would vouch for the good faith performance of another who had entered into an agreement with a third party. Fortunately for the industry, surety has proven an enduring concept that has only become more relevant with time. Improvements in service, reclamation and underwriting have no doubt allowed for wider acceptance and use.

Today the surety industry seems poised to make a major leap forward in bond delivery technology: still in beta testing, validated electronic certificates allow the issuance of surety bonds electronically with a digital signature, replacing the traditional paper document and “wet” signature.

Document Security

The use of wax seals dates back to the Egyptian Empire. For all its simplicity, it was widely used for many centuries throughout the developed world to provide authenticity and security for delivered documents. Cords were added to the wax seal to further confound forfeiters, as any attempt to remove the cords broke the seal and the cords were often attached to the owners travel case or person.

Shamrock Bonding Services Insurance Brokerage, Inc., based in Northern California, proudly displays its own wax seal with the timeless ideals of integrity, prestige and distinction.

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