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A Surety Brokerage Serving Contractors

Welcome to Shamrock Bonding Services

AEC in San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento

Welcome to Shamrock Bonding Services

These days, securing a bond program for your company can seem the impossible task. Let Shamrock Bonding Services

Insurance Brokerage, Inc. assist you in overcoming these obstacles, with a well-conceived plan of attack.

Surety Bond Line-Up

We are a surety-bond-only brokerage providing a full line of financial guarantee products that include:

  • performance, payment, maintenance and subdivision bonds for construction;
  • plaintiff, defendants, judiciary and probate bonds for the courtroom;
  • commercial bonds for energy, financial, hi-tech, and other businesses;
  • and license, permit and compliance bonds for individuals and businesses.

Surety Solutions

Shamrock Bonding Services Insurance Brokerage, Inc. offers streamlined and effective surety solutions to your bonding needs. Directed and founded by Michael A. Kenny, Shamrock Bonding is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of professional and trustworthy service.

The firm’s specialties include unique and complex surety credits. As such, we can assist when your business plan clearly makes sense, but you are not making progress in meetings with surety underwriters. Perhaps the surety underwriters are firm on liquidity and leverage ratios from the parent company’s balance sheet, or refuse to investigate cash flow, tenant quality and lease agreements for your properties you own. Possibly your work-in-progress reports and P&L statements are not in step with GAAP. We can help and reduce your stress in the process.


Shamrock Bonding offers a host of online forms to assist you in easily securing the bond you need, while avoiding or reducing the red tape with which you are required to struggle. We implement our forms to facilitate your user experience. We have found that forms streamline the processes for completing applications and allows for the easy creation of professional-looking underwriting documents required by the sureties. You can request a bond on our forms at any hour of the day or night.

Imaging Solutions

Shamrock Bonding Services Insurance Brokerage, Inc. can assist your construction or development firm achieve a paperless office with document imaging and document archiving solutions. We sell the hardware and software products you will need and are a licensed provider of Chameleon Software. Chameleon is designed to address document imaging for the construction industry. Chameleon integrates well with off-the-shelf computer, scanning and storage devices.

California-Based, Independent Regional Surety Brokerage

As an Independent Regional Broker located in Sacramento, California, we have the flexibility to take on solving your surety problem; we are not expected to justify brokerage resources for new business to a home office or seek out “niche” accounts only. Our goal is seeking business with organizations with high integrity and strong business plans. We will give you our undivided attention and assistance.

Our Professional Connections and Relationships with Market Sureties

At Shamrock Bonding Services we have access to all major markets and understand the importance of selecting the appropriate market for your company. We can quickly communicate your needs to the market that specializes in your particular project and emphasize your qualifications that will convince them of your bondability. We can find you the most competitive rate in a timely manner. We understand your timelines and need for simplifying the paperwork.

Competitive Bond Rates and Excellent Surety Service

Whether it is placing your next large bond or maximizing an existing surety program, we are committed to providing the highest level of service. We provide unparalleled surety consultation, service-oriented staff and competitive bond rates. Thank you for visiting our bonding website. We value your surety business.