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Pension Related Fiduciary ERISA Fidelity Coverage

Welcome to our Pension Related Coverages with Instant Quote and Application for online purchasing and management of your coverage.  We serve of the following sectors:

Plan Sponsors
ERISA/Fidelity Bonds
Fiduciary Liability Insurance

For Pension Professionals
Fiduciary Liability Insurance
Errors & Omissions Insurance for Pension Professionals

For Service Providers
ERISA/Fidelity Bonds

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Click on one of the links above to quote or apply online for immediate online issuance of your fidelity bond.  These products are provided in partnership with Colonial Surety Company, a leading provider of ERISA/Pension Fidelity Bonds. They are a national insurance company licensed in all 50 states and all U.S. territories, providing insurance products since 1930. They are the largest direct seller of ERISA/Pension Fidelity Bonds in the U.S.

Our Insurance Agency (referral) code is CA1063