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Bytelocker Instructions

Client Instructions for Bytelocker

Shamrock Bonding Services provides this service for sharing files securely with contractor clients of surety bonds in California. This service allows dealer clients to securely send attachments to Shamrock Bonding Services staff, and likewise, for Shamrock Bonding Service s staff to send attachments securely to clients. This document provides the instructions needed to successfully use this service. If you need further assistance, please contact our Shamrock Bonding Services at 888-515-0916 and let them know you are using the Shamrock Bonding Services Bytelocker.

Sending files to a Shamrock Bonding Services Staff Member

Clients and other authorized companies can use our service to transfer files to a Shamrock Bonding Services. Clients do not need an account to send files.

We recommend you let the Shamrock Bonding Services staff you are sending the files to know, so that they can expect the files. To send files do the following:

  • Access the following URL:
  • Access the Secure Upload section of the site
  • Enter the e-mail address of the Shamrock Bonding Services staff that should receive the file
  • Follow the instructions provided in the

Note: The subject line and body of the message are not encrypted. Please make sure that confidential information is not included in either of these areas.

Receiving files from a Shamrock Bonding Services

The Shamrock Bonding Services staff member will prepare the file(s) for transfer. Once the transfer is posted to the secure site, you will be notified via e-mail that a file is available for you. The e-mail will contain instructions for you to follow to access the financial file transfer.

File Deletion

Files are permanently deleted from the site eight hours after they have been downloaded, or ten days after they have been posted to the site if they are not retrieved. If you have not downloaded the files within the ten day timeframe, you will need to contact the Shamrock Bonding Services staff and have them repost the file.