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Shamrock Bonding Services is an independent surety bond brokerage based in Northern California. The firm provides uncommon professionalism in surety consultation for a product line that includes performance bonds, bid bonds, maintenance bonds, subdivision bonds, court bonds and license bonds.

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We are resourceful and effective surety solution provider. We offer a range of bond services available to individuals and businesses. Upon engagement, Shamrock Bonding Services Insurance Brokerage, Inc. sits down with the contractor or business owner and reviews each step in the process of successfully securing a surety line-of-credit.

We discuss the overall strategy including which markets to approach on your behalf and review anticipated questions before going into underwriter meetings. In some cases we may need to develop your firm’s capital structure, financial presentation, bank line-of-credit arrangements and other issues before approaching a market. (As in life, first impressions matter.)

We view as short-sighted and detrimental to our clients, the practice of blanketing the market with buck slip submissions, hoping for a nibble or blocking other surety brokers from access to other surety markets. Moreover, the firm believes persistence coupled with respectful and insightful dialogue with the bond underwriters is the winning approach in today’s surety market.

Surety Hub

Shamrock Bonding Services also administers the Surety Hub web site. The Surety Hub is a secure, one-stop, e-commerce solution for the efficient purchase and delivery of Compliance and License Bonds.

The Surety Hub has very competitive pricing. Typically we do not send an invoice until the bond is issued and delivered to you. We work with East Bay, CA Surety Bond Companies and Insurance Firms

Contractor Bond Services

Shamrock Bonding Services markets your construction firm on a confidential basis and keeps you informed of all developments and program negotiations with the surety underwriters. Included in our services, the firm prepares succinct underwriting memos and cover letters with underwriting and financial analysis to accompany the submission packages sent to the surety bond companies.

The Construction surety market has been difficult for at least the last 5 years but the market is clearly improving for sureties and, therefore, contractors. We will work with you to reassess your program relative to improving opportunities.

Chameleon Imaging Solutions

Shamrock Bonding Services is also a licensed seller of Chameleon Imaging Solutions. The software product provides a means for contractors and developers to reduce and eventually eliminate paper storage of routine business documents such as invoices, job related documents, payroll and human resources files.

The solution is extremely cost effective, in part because off-the-shelf hardware is utilized to round out the system. Among the benefits of this product, once images are scanned at the home office, the documents are then immediately available to the field via the Internet. Typical return on investment is 2-3 months.

Subdivision Bond Services

Shamrock Bonding Services provides a number of approaches for putting together a subdivision bond program that satisfies your business plan for housing and commercial developments. This can include a negotiating with the surety bond companies, straight project indemnity, payment bond requirements and revolving lender set-aside requirements. Ultimately all three parties need to be comfortable with the program we put together.

Commercial Bond Services

We can work with you organization in setting up a commercial bond program to fit your organizations needs. We work with surety companies’ that can provide medium to large aggregate bond programs that can include anything from reclamation bonds to fidelity bonds, compliance bonds to court appeal bonds.

Court Bond Services

Shamrock Bonding Services works with its surety markets to set up programs that streamline the underwriting process for the less difficult bonds such as probate and plaintiff’s bonds. We also will work hard to place more difficult bonds such as defendants bonds. The bottom line is we will seek to understand your objectives and we will deliver an approach that maximizes the outcome.


Unlike many insurance brokerages, for which surety is a secondary consideration, we are wholly committed to surety bonds. Because issues often arise after a surety line-of-credit has been established, we continually monitor your work backlog in relation to various underwriting considerations to avoid surprises. Shamrock Bonding will be here to provide support now and in the future.

Shamrock Bonding Services steadfastly believes no two contractors or businesses are alike. All submission memos, pro forma financial statements, bid and performance bond forms and other presentation materials are tailored to tell the client’s story with a coherent business plan moving forward. Equally important, potential surety partners are carefully selected based on local and regional relationships and the sureties’ stated and perceived appetite for types of business.

In order to make sure our surety clients get the very best bond service we customize a strategy for each situation.